The epitome of epiphany – Blessings of Lord Sun.

I am a brahmin by birth and it’s my responsibility to perform Sandhyavandhan and Gayatri Japam. Due to my clumsiness, ignorance and lack of wisdom, I never took it seriously for 20 years and now I have started realizing its importance and everything i missed all these years. So better late than never and I have started performing my duties regularly from 9th September 2021 (The day we Sama Veda change the holy thread Yagnopaveet). Day before yesterday marked 1 month to my consistency. Yesterday due to some reasons I was feeling very weak and my entire body was aching. I had slight breathlessness and extreme tiredness. For the first time i decided to push the Sandhyavandhan to evening. By evening my weakness still persisted. But i somehow decided to push myself and do my duty. I sat with the panchapatra and uddharini. The moment I began, weakness started kickin in real bad. Instead of 108 I somehow ended up praying only 8 Gayatri Japa instead of the regular 108.

Today Morning, I was feeling slightly fresh and I decided to pray 108+100 (the ones i missed yesterday). I sat down for the prayer and today the weather as usual is all white clouds (no sunlight and no rain simply white clouds). My window is facing the east and I open the window when I perform Sandhyavandanam. First I begin with 1 round of Hare Krishna Maha mantra. Then the moment i started off with the Achamanam. My legs started slightly getting brighter. When I saw through the window, to my utmost surprise, the Sun was shining straight on me. The sky is still white with clouds, but Sun has reaped out through a Gap and is shining straight in through my house and hitting my body. I almost got teary eyed.

Amongst us many say God doesn’t exist but many of us understand the emotions of a pet animal like Dog or Cat through their signs, because we love them. Similarly try loving the almighty God and you will start understanding God’s emotions in the form of these signs. Hare Krishna. !

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