My Krishna Diaries – Practicing devotion from Guru

Hare Krishna Haribol. This is me and my Kicha, my Partner in chanting.

In the later days of June, I started getting involved in Krishna Consciousness and now I am an Amatuer practising devotee. I would like to share my experience so far.

I was first introduced to Pr. Raghav Kripa Das by one of my colleague Parth in May 2021 . Pr. Raghav is very senior practitioner guru who is primarily associated with ISKCON Pune. I was invited to one session and everything discussed in the session went bonkers out of my head. Too much statements discussed which sounded unreasonable and I was not able to get the point. So I took it quite lightly and ignored it. For one month I was in no way connected to any one of them. One fine day somewhere in the end of June I was contacted by One of the other practitioner guru Pr. Purushottam. As usual like the previous session I attended initially, things were complex to understand in that session initially. But then I regularly without fail attended Pr. Purushottam’s sessions for one month and in this one month my thought my mind everything started showing tremendous transformation. There was a slow but steady progress in my devotion for Shri Krishna. I started with 1 round daily and 11 rounds on my first Ekadashi, on 2nd Ekadashi I made it 12. The gradual growth is still on progress. Things that I never understood earlier from the scriptures have started making sense. I am transitioning to the right perspective of thoughts.

Commitment to Krishna is the most beautiful thing I have ever felt in my experience. Giving has more pleasures than getting. Every point I am challenging with myself to prove my Love for Krishna. On a practical level, there is not much change in life, but lifestyle is more simple with lesser desires now. I have started reading the Bhagavatam starting Canto 1. I have realized one thing, no matter what you learn and how much you progress, at some point you will realize it’s all the mercy of that God and that will be the day you will start a new journey like me. Everything I do is keeping my Krishna on the forefront. Still a long way to improve in devotion. I have forgiven and forgotten everyone and everything associated with my memories. It’s a new journey for me more oriented towards the purpose of life that pleasures of life.

PS:- (Pr. means Prabhu. We respect every devotee and Guru with the Pr. Annotation as a sign of immense respect.)

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