Narayanastra – The Ahankara Killer

Hare Krishna !

It was a very beautiful evening and I was sitting on the veranda of my building portico, involved in a deep thought. My friend came and sat aside. We still have the COVID -19 lockdown implemented in India, so we all are working from our homes. So usually every alternate evening I go out just to sit on the portico and meditate into deep thoughts. I was glad He came. We started discussing about work life and He happened to ask me a simple yet complicated question, “Why do people have Ego ?” I just laughed off. He asked me a question which I asked 2 years ago to myself. Let me begin with the positives, I started

Ego is very necessary if you want power and control. The more you have, the more are your chances to rule people in you fingertips. Ego is absolutely necessary while making some of the most difficult decisions in life. Ego boosts your confidence. Ego if you ask me the definition, is the feeling of “I am right” for everything. Even if someone corrects you, you won’t say “You are right” instead you would say “I know I am wrong.” That is Ego my friend. The world today is running on a fight for power and in this fight, every other person wants to prove something or the other to someone or the other. People are clueless about goals and objectives. All are simply going by in Hindi you call term it as “Dekha-Dekhi”. If He is earning a double digit yearly CTC I want double. If she is posting 10 pictures of 3 countries she visited, I want to visit 5 countries and post 20 pictures. Its pure competition my friend.

He interrupted me and started, My boss has a very bad habit. He keeps lowering me and my capabilities all the time. Whatever I do is not even visible in his eyes, rather even if I do something small mistake accidently, He blasts me as if I destroyed His reputation. Every single day is becoming difficult for me to adjust with this job. If i put papers, He will try and blackmail me for not giving a good report about my work to the next company duric BCV (Background Verification). I don’t know how to deal with this condition and now since its COVID pandemic, it is not easy to get a good job. What do I do ? I gave Him one of the best advices at that moment. I began

This is a battle between your self respect and someone who is controlling it. You need a Guru to guide you, a fierce warrior safeguard whenever you fall and a motivator to boost your self esteem and I know someone who can be all three of these. (Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum) My Lord Krishna. The loveliest among the loved ones, the smartest among the smart ones, the strongest among the strong ones and the most beautiful among the beauties. My Krishna is the best. Trust me I am not converting you to any religious sect or cult, just consider Him as you new friend and try to communicate your worry to Him and with full confidence voice your concerns to the HR of your company. Put your foot ahead in your fight against “Ahankara” or Ego and My Krishna will be behind you with His Divine “Narayanastra”. Narayanastra is one of the most powerful weapon of Mahavishnu and it Kills the Ego of those who does Adharma. The only way to stop Narayanastra is to bow down and surrender. I am sure my bestest friend Krishna will help you triumph over your Boss’s’ ego. Again don’t take Him as something religious, rather consider Him as Superman or Batman and go ahead.

A few weeks later He came home with a box of Kaju katli and looked at me and said “Your friend is now My friend as well. I won” and hugged me. I smiled back “All Krishna Kripa !!”

Hare Krishna

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