My Krishna Dairies :- The perfectionist

Hare Krishna !!!

I am born in a Shastri Brahmin family under Samaveda. Not to mention, people with Samaveda are very limited. in 100 our ratio stands to 15. The specialty of Samaveda is that, we have the longest ceremonies amongst the other 3 Vedas. Our hymns are very musical and induces another level of spiritual trance. For Brahmins when a boy turns 13, He has to wear the holy thread known as “Yajnopavitam” We call it as Upanayanam. When I turned 13, my Upanayanam was also planned. Since Samavedis is very sparse we appointed our family priest, who is from a different Veda to perform the ritual. Our family priest was actually an assistant priest in a nearby Karthikeya Temple. He was not doing very much financially good, but he has immense faith in Lord Karthikeya, for whom He served selflessly. The ceremony was held at my house and a very few close relatives were invited. That was the day when I was about to get purified apparently. The priest arrived but along with him another priest came. My father asked our priest about the other person and this is what he said, “I was on my way to come by train. I happened to see Him on the station and He had just reached Mumbai from Kanchi mutt. We started a light conversation while waiting for train and He happened to be a Samaveda priest. So i offered Him to lead the ritual as its a very good omen of Him landing in Mumbai and performing a Samaveda Upanayanam. So He followed me and that is the story.” We all were so blessed that my ceremony rituals were performed in the proper way and everyone was content. 3 months down the line after my Upanayanam, we got the news that both the priests got an offer in Australia and they moved there permanently with their families.

This was just the beginning. After this whichever ceremony happened in our family related to me, somehow from somewhere a Samaveda priest was present. I won’t say that is coincidence. Coincidences don’t happen repeatedly. Not to mention I don’t wear my “Yajnopavitam” anymore since 1.5 years now (which I am never supposed to remove). The day I feel myself disciplined enough to follow its protocols, I shall wear it and I am sure this time I will be my own priest and wear it in the proper ritualistic manner, as this time My perfectionist Krishna is alongside Me.

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