Trying to establish connection ………. !!!!

Human beings are a social animal. Apparently there are many people who cannot live without socializing and keeping up with their status in the society. Many fancy in getting noticed, while many fancy noticing the famous ones and following their footsteps. In this juncture, many stay busy, forget basic values and only focus on money, status and fame in the society. Many of them perform illicit juggleries to compete with the other. Many succeed with their shortcuts and luckily escape the consequences momentarily, while many fail at some point and the rest of their life goes in rectifying their fault or repeating the same juggleries, trying their luck. People complain of “Being frustrated”, “Being depressed”, “Being a failure”, “Being not able to spend quality time with family.” etc. Even I do it at times. As the hunger of wealth and status increases, the needs, wants, way of living, behavioral patterns and even the people associated in their lives change rapidly. All these are symptoms of Maya overshadowing.

Maya is like clouds. She showers rain of materialism from the sky above and easily get the major masses to fall prey. Its her job to give situations to humans, so God can analyze how humans react to these situations. Dharma takes precedence on Earth and Humans, the most intelligent ones, follow the least. The more you understand your Dharma and perform your Karma in accordance, the closer are your chances to overpower Maya. Now As you get closer to clouds, the rain and thunders get intense. Same goes with us and Maya. The more we try of surpassing the clouds of Maya, the more hindrances and difficulties are laid down on our paths for us to test our perseverance towards it. God is that Plane who can get you to an altitude above the clouds of Maya. Once you are above the Maya, it’s peace. But remember plane will only steer safely if the pilot handles it the right way and keeps self confidence in his skills and the plane. The pilot here is your virtues and ethics and the self confidence being your faith in God.

Have faith in God and start your journey towards peace. I have already started mine and currently I am trying to establish connection.

Hare Krishna

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