Krishna & Maya – Choose your perspective.

I am living two perspectives of life. One is by destiny and other by choice.

Maya life is going very mediocre. No major accolades or achievements to brag about. Its full of sufferings, pain and desires. Its basically a survival. Emotions are dead and tear glands don’t work anymore here. Maya life is full of unfulfilled wishes, which are developed in the minds by looking at other people and their lifestyles. Maya life is the biggest illusion. Maya life triggers jealousy, depression, hopelessness and anxiety. Maya life only looks beautiful. In reality people have to pay a huge price to enjoy the beauty. Majority of people get easily lured into the Maya life and goes to any excel it, without knowing that nothing actually belongs to them in reality.

Krishna life is going very beautiful. Every day and every moment, I keep loving Krishna without knowing much about Him. The moment I hear “Krishna” somehow ears send an electrical pulse to the heart and my tear ducts get activated. There is happiness in chanting “Vishnu Sahasranamam” and immense peace in listening to “Shri Hari Stotram”. Krishna life activates the intelligence in me, imbibes the quiality to love everyone and be polite. Krishna life cools down the anxiety, removes the hopelessness created by Maya life and eradicates jealousy and depression. Krishna life is a the definition of real beauty and the only price you have to pay to get this beauty is “Harinama”. Krishna life is also easily available like Maya, but only a few fortunate ones realize and feel the existence and the ones who does, the happiness and peace is extensive.

Choose your perspective wisely.

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