Tooth ache

Hare krishna ….. Salutations to my kichu (Baby Krishna) kutty 😘

Yesterday was one of the most painful night for me. In my 32 years, I experienced the pain of toothache, probably due to cavity for the first time.

I went to bed at 11 pm, but the tooth ache was very intense. I tried to do a mouth wash with Listerine, did not work. Tried to sleep as upright as possible. I was changing positions for 4 hours, nothing worked. The pain began at 10 pm and it lasted till 4.30 am until I dozed off. The pain was so intense that I skipped my sleep through all night thinking I could sleep during daytime (since it was a leave today 26th January.) I tried sleeping in different angles, but the pain showed no sign of reducing…. The pain was so intense and radiating that it started from my lower gums of molar teeth and was spread through the jaw lines till the forehead.

I cried looking at my Krishna’s pic and begged Him to end this miserable pain. Eventually I ignored the pain and dozed off. Morning when I woke up, it was still paining. There is a gap between my two molar teeths, apparently I thing there is a cavity in the gap which is causing the intense pain. I googled the home remedy. First I took lukewarm salted water and tried doing a rinse. It did not work for long. I even tried applying turmeric, since it’s naturally anti-inflammatory, it did not work.

Suddenly I got a wild idea. I took one clove and cut it to the perfect size of my cavity placed it between my teeth. Now it’s been 3 hours and the pain has considerably stopped. The piece of clove is still in between my teeth. The pain is reduced alot. My Krishna heard my prayers and gave me this idea, until I show this to a dentist. Thank you krishna …. I love you ❣️

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