My soulmate

I was born with your name.
Brought up knowing you.

When adolescence hit me,
I slowly started getting
myself involved in Maya.

Our relations eventually got distant.
You never left me even then,
When I totally forgot you.

I did things that doesn’t define
the “ME” you knew and expected.
I became someone I really am not.

Then I saw the dark side of Maya.
and the only light I saw in that darkness was you Krishna ……

You opened your arms and heart to accept me and made me realise that I belong to you and You are mine.

I am slowly transforming into someone that you are looking for in me.
Every single day.

One day I’ll be exactly what you look for in me.

That day my soul will blend with you.

My Krishna, it’s better late than never.

But I am still very far from your reach.

But I know the journey for me is bright. Now that since I found you again only this time I know you better.

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