The Path to Enlightenment

Hare Krishna ….. ❣️

In Malayalam there is a saying “ഉർവശി ശാപം ഉപകാരം” which literally translates to “Blessing in disguise”. I always waited for the right time in life for things to fall in place. I wished to enjoy all the pleasures and happiness in life at the right time. But as they say, no time is the right time unless we make it. I apparently failed to make my time right. I always did things with a good intention, apparently things turned out against me all the time. Initially I felt very sad on my fate. Then eventually, I learnt to live with pain. At one point of life, the pain got extremely Intense, I had been reminded by Someone that I am forgetting Him. It was my Krishna.

Every single time, I was about to fall, My kannan held me and brought me safe. I wasn’t even aware of his presence at that time. Slowly and steadily my love for him started increasing so much that everytime I hear “Krishna” I simply cry… I keep crying….. He remind me that being the creator of the universe, if He can make me feel His presence, I must be so privileged. My love for my Kanna is increasing every single day and I know He is always with me, keeping a close watch. He has seen me through pains and struggles and always tried to make it bearable.

Life gave me two paths, one path was luring and attractive, another one was difficult and makes you lose your hope. But my constant failure to live a normal life like others opened this beautiful portal of love, Sanctum of Krishna.

I won’t ever force anybody to love Krishna. But with my experience, I can say that, He maybe naughty but He is a very generous and loving God. Choose your path for life wisely, because Maya is powerful and Maya can hide Krishna and trick you with ease.

Hare Krishna ❣️

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