My Krishna Diaries – You held me, when I fell.

My Krishna is very very naughty, He watches the efforts taken and keeps watching until you are just about to give up. One such incident happened yesterday.

I came across a very weird kind of a technical issue at work, which affected almost everyone. Now I am from a Cloud infrastructure background, so if anything, even small happens, all fingers point on me. Also we do not have a dedicated Team for Cloud infrastructure, apparently, I am the whole and sole. Coming back to the technical issue, it was so different that I knew what is the problem, but wasn’t able to find why was it happening. I used all my possible skills and kept of digging deeper and trying with various permutations and combinations of troubleshooting. I already had made Plan B and Plan C if I failed with my diagnosis. But Plan B and Plan C are very tedious and I would have to dedicate 2 days for it, Plus it would be a huge change for the rest of the team members too. Therefore I wanted to somehow diagnose and resolve this issue. I started working on it from 9:00 PM. It was almost 3:50 AM, when I realized, Nothing would work. I looked at my Krishna’s photo (The only photo I have in my room wall) and said “Please give me some hint, I am clueless, Please Help me Krishna.” It was 4:10 AM, I finally gave up, closed my laptop, switched off the light and went to sleep. Still the issue was flying around my head and I wasn’t able to sleep. Suddenly something hit my brains. I quickly switched on the laptop and checked. I found out the reason for the issue. I quickly worked on the resolution and mailed it to the concerned authorities to resolve at their end. Then I looked at Krishna and said “You knew this all this time, but you held me when I fell.”

Krishna is such an amazing friend, very selfless, very caring and very naughty too. I love my Krishna a lot.

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