Journey from Man to Absolute Monad

Human Mind Evolution Chart

Human beings are supposedly the most intelligent ones on earth. But like any other living beings on earth, we all are programmed and bound to something called illusion. What we see may or may not exist, also what exist may or may not be visible to our eyes. Our eyes are limited to what we can see. Law of universe is mysterious and full of multiple possibilities, more than our capacities for us to even think of questioning. God is the driving force of these powers. We might question, where is God ? Humans have a trait of not valuing what they see or hear, therefore God never shows up straight. God is way much higher in comparison to Humans. But some individuals have the capacity to feel and understand God and its not a blind assumption as many people think. It is something very privileged and not meant for everyone to understand. Only the ones who catch the same frequency of understanding can feel the magic of God.

The journey begins with killing “ego”. Ego filters Human mind from exploring into the vast truth. As mentioned in the Human Mind Evolution Chart above, once you have killed the ego, its like entering a vast sanctum of knowledge. You will be exposed to so much of knowledge. You have to effectively catch the positive vibes and keep traveling through the journey of gaining knowledge. The gate of enlightenment is at the other side and only positive vibes passes through it. One small deviation and you will remain lost in this vast infinity. Once you achieve that cognition, you enter into Nirvana, the enlightenment. That will be the last stage of your physical existence. Your body is left behind and soul keeps traveling further. It will pass through numerous divine crystal, golden and diamond worlds which are again a mystery for us. Finally the soul merges with absolute. The absolute is God.

Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita has taught Arjuna. how to break each cycles and merge with the absolute. Every cycle is a war against ourselves, our lack of confidence, our fears, our anger, our pride and our wavering minds. This journey is not as easy as we all think. It take numerous rebirths and yet they fail. You don’t need to see or hear God. The very thought and faith of God existing with you is enough for you to start feeling the presence. Bhagavad Gita has steered me to the absolute path of life, after I was lost. As a human being, we all make mistakes and we all commit sins, but that doesn’t mean we will remain like that forever. One small rectification of mind into the right frequency, changes everything for good. Happiness is an illusion, wealth is an illusion, everything materialistic are an illusion only knowledge and peace are truth. Religion is the hard way to reaching this peace. Spirituality is easier. Maslow’s pyramid illustrates these phases adequately.

We have Biological and physical needs, which is the very basic for human survival, followed by safety needs (food, clothing and shelter) . Then comes belonging and Love (Family, friends and Love). Followed by esteem (Ego and Pride), followed by Cognition (Knowledge). Above knowledge sits the aesthetics (the way we cherish the learning process). Then comes self-actualization, its the purpose of life, that comes with knowledge about it. Once you know the purpose, Then infinite Transcendence. That’s how Human mind evolves and blends with Absolute Monad.

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