What is your relationship status with God ?

The Ganesha vibes have begun and I am excited to pen down a small post on our relationship with God. Born and raised in Mumbai suburbs, I have a lot to say about Ganpati Festival. Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chaturthi is the beginning of a colorful series of festive vibes until new year. A very positive and enthusiastic atmosphere is set everywhere for 11 days. All are celebrating in full devotion. Rich or poor, learned or uneducated, almost every Maharashtrian gets Ganesha Home and religiously keep fast, do poojas and invite everyone home for darshan. Shri Ganesha is one of the most beloved deity for Maharashtrians besides Devi. Being the God of obstacle removals and the God of wisdom, aradent devotees seem to be blessed with wisdom and prosperity. Ganesha is a very loving and emotional deity. For His devotee’s hard work and dedication, He shall bless with all the benefits. Keep the Lord happy and the lord is happy with you ❤️. Easily pleased with love and dedication. Very innocent and very intelligent God. Ganesha is everywhere from stickers on cars to entrance of homes, to marriage invitations. Before starting any auspicious occasion, we always do a stuti of Ganesha and then begin. I am a Henotheist by religion. I love Ganesha, but I see Ganesha in the form of Krishna. For me Krishna is everything.

Life is full of challenges, right from facing your fears to fighting off a mental state. It’s hard and only God can help you stabilize your mind. So I was pondering about Bhakti and a question just popped up on my mind. What is our relationship with God ?

For some it’s purely a business relationship, whereas for some it’s a blind faith being followed down since ancestral tradition, for some God is a manipulated supreme ruler, whereas for some God is nature.

My relationship with God is slightly different. I have an emotional connect with Krishna. I love Krishna in a very different way. He is a part of my soul. He completes me, just like how soulmates express their feelings. I never ask Krishna anything, because if I ask Him, it’s like asking myself. Doesn’t make any sense. I only have one photo of Krishna in my room, krishna on my wallpaper, on my screensaver, my locket. There are so many forms of Krishna, I only worship the youngest form, baby krishna. That’s right I worship a child, a tiny child maybe 2 or 3 year old. Because I feel child is the purest form of anyone. Innocent, beautiful, cute and attractive. No list, no anger, no jealousy. Only pure love. My krishna says “Mistakes are unavoidable, either it maybe fate or it may be deliberate consequence. But one should, never even touch the line where immorality begins.” It’s okay to be hated, but it’s not okay to hate.

Material happiness and mortal relational attachments are premium experience in life. Everyone are not destined to get it. I have forborne the pain of seperation, distance, misunderstanding, failure , fear, financial loss, mental trauma and accusations. 12 years of my life was full of slow sublimating death of my dreams, wishes and hopes. Every single step I struggled hard to set myself in career, as I was my only source of motivation. I spent most of my life sacrificing my happiness for my family. And I feel every ounce of it is fully worth. My only guide in this journey has been my Krishna. He was my charioteer and I was the horse. Wherever he steered I ran. At times I lost track but he controlled me and brought me back on track. He keeps giving me evidences that He is there with me. He does that all for absolutely nothing. I owe my Lord a lot for what He has done for me.

My relationship with God is nowhere close to visiting temples, praying , coming our with a tilak on forehead. My relationship with God is nowhere close to praying for making my dreams come true, fulfilling my wishes. My relationship with God is nowhere close to celebrating festivals. I still remember me embracing the photo of Krishna and crying for hours on my birthday last year. He has made me realise that it’s okay to suffer, it’s okay to fail, it’s okay to fear, if it’s destined it will affect, as long as I heal out of it. Scars are a pride for me and what makes me even more proud is that Krishna is a part of me and I am convinced he will remain a part of my soul. ❤️ Hare Krishna ❤️

So what is your relationship with God ?

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