My Love – Krishna

My Angel My Love My Bachcha

On this auspiscious occasion of your birthday,
I am pouring out my heart to you.

You know all my strengths and weakness.
You know all my likes and dislikes.
You know my good and bad habits.

You never show up to me and communicate.
But you never fail to make me feel your presence,
When I go through the worst.

Nobody can change what is in the fate.

You are not my God or my Hero.
You are not someone i pray.
You are someone that belongs to me,
You are a part of me, my soul.

I never feel like asking you anything,
Though I do crib to you when i feel sad.
You always hear me out and never question me back.

When i almost drowned in the lake of depression,
You hooked me out with Bhagavad Gita.
You always knew that morally I have never been wrong.

You kept reminding me, that material is momentary.
You kept reminding me, I am not doing my dharma.
Whether i smile ecstatically, or get mad stupidly,
You are always with me.

I don’t address you, but in the depth of my heart,
It’s your love and faith that keeps me strong and alive.
You keep showing me signs that you are with me,
In-spite of me being lazy and timid.

I am so happy that I have chosen You as my soulmate.
And since my choice is the best,
I have to pay equal amount of price for it,
Which I am now, but with utmost satisfaction.

In the end i just want to conclude,
“I Love You” from me fits perfectly for you.
My Faith and Love for you has no beginning and no end.

Krishnaya vasudevaya devaki nandanayacha,
nanadagopa kumaraya govindaya namo namaha.

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