The epitome of epiphany – Vithoba Idol

Salutations to the supreme personality indeed !!!

I was a staunch believer of Shri Krishna, since i was a kid. I somehow always felt a connect with that Beautiful God. I read Bhagavad Gita very often and i always found it rational and realistic, than a kayfabe (as a metaphor) or a fairy-tale. Every chapter had some deep lesson which was connected to our daily life. Right from my childhood i attended bhajans, sang songs on Shri Krishna and watched TV Shows on Shri Krishna.


This was an instance from 2010. I was in my 2nd year M.Sc (I.T). I used to go for Satya Sai Bhajans with my parents. I was attracted to the positive vibes of Shri Krishna Bhajans. Once i went to an Uncle’s house in Borivali I.C. Colony, Mumbai. I Love uncle and aunt. I feel like they are my parents, that humble and nice are they. After every Bhajan, uncle used to hand over vibhuti and apples, the ones Swami Sai manifested, to everyone. That day was my first Guru Purnima. Luckily that day Swami was manifesting idol of Gods. We sang bhajans and after the bhajan I was waiting in the line to collect my prasad. I observed, mostly everyone got Ganesha Idol or Shivalinga. Then my turn came, uncle told me to come at last. My parents went. They got Ganesha. Finally i went excited, I laid my palms forward, uncle handed over an idol to me. i saw the idol and couldn’t understand anything. We returned home and I still couldn’t understand, whose idol has uncle handed over to me. It was someone standing on a brick. Finally after 2 days, I learnt that its none other than my Shri Krishna in a different form who has come to me.

I’ll tell you Shri Krishna is not an easy God to deal with. Very mischievous. The more you read His stories and love him, the more he gets tough on you with you. But trust me. whenever your luck works against you, He comes to the rescue. Always …….. Always…….. Always…….. and then you will cry out of love and happiness when you rise of the mud like a Lotus. Worldly bliss is a “Maya (optical illusion)”. Seek for Eternal Bliss. That lies in the almighty, may that be Almighty “Allah” or “Jesus” or “Shri Krishna”. They are just different source of abode for eternal bliss. The earlier we all realize this, we get detached from the “Maya”.

Kararavinde Na Padaravindam
Mukharavinde Viniveshayantam
Vatasya Patrasya Pute Shayanam
Balam Mukundam Manasa Smarami

I memorize the Lord in his infant form (Mukunda), who sleeps in a Banyan leaf. He is the one who puts his lotus life feet to His mouth, with the help of His hands.

Indeed another one in the collection of the best epitome of epiphanies.

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