One Smile

Waking up, go to brush. That is when you realize how ugly you look. One big smile and that changes your whole image. Smile enhances beauty. Smile spreads positivity among the ones you share it with. Smile is the strongest shield against negativity.

I was coming back from work, skipped my evening snacks and was hungry. i dropped at the nearby shop to grab on some samosas. The shopkeeper was deep frying some fresh samosas and i was drooling. My Batch just got unloaded from the wok and he plated 2 pieces with some fresh green and red chutney. Suddenly out of nowhere, a tiny finger was pulling my jeans. as soon as i looked below, a very cute poor kid smiling at me. Seems he was hungry. So i showed gesture with my hands whether he wanted it. He nodded with a smile. I handed over the samosa and told him “beta garam hai dheere se khao.” He nodded and smiled. That smile on his face was so pleasant, that i grabbed the samosa from his tiny hands and started feeding him.

Soon his grandpa came out of nowhere and i got a plate of samosas for him too, then i got mine and we three were talking and munching on some yummy samosas. The shopkeeper was watching all and when i wen to pay for the samosas. He looked at me and with a smile he said “Sir aap ne itne pyar se khilaya, hamein bhi thoda punya kamane ka mauka do. Aap keval apka bill pay karna, unka bill humari taraf se.”

This was such an amazing gesture from the shopkeeper. Which made me realize that all it takes is One Smile and so many happy moments following it.

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