[Bhagavad Gita] – Chapter 11 verse 40

namaḥ purastād atha pṛiṣhṭhatas te namo ’stu te sarvata eva sarva ananta-vīryāmita-vikramas tvaṁ sarvaṁ samāpnoṣhi tato ’si sarvaḥ

O Lord of infinite power, my salutations to you from the front and the rear, indeed from all sides! You possess infinite valor and might and pervade everything, and thus, you are everything.

Arjun continues with his glorification of Shree Krishna by declaring him as ananta-vīrya (possessing infinite strength) and ananta-vikramaḥ (immeasurably powerful). Overcome with awe, he offers his salutations to Shree Krishna from all sides, repeatedly exclaiming Namaḥ! Namaḥ! (I bow down to you again and again).

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