[My verse, My thoughts] – 18

People raised on love see things differently from people raised on survival.

People raised on love, often are used to all the goodies in the world. They lack experience and ability to deal with an unfavourable situation. They are the ones with a truck load of expectations. Once they are placed outside their comfort zone, they get cranky and go in denial. But they are always positive, since they thrive in their imaginstive “always happy” World. They don’t need love, since they are brought up with it. They often have a poor sense of humor, but are socially accepted and loved by all. They are extroverts and live life as they go, Happy-go-lucky

Whereas, people raised on survival are tough nuts to crack. They don’t easily trust others. They know how to deal with the worst of all. They are pretty good at adjustment. Once they are placed outside their comfort zone, they get irritated, but they can survive. They know the bad side of the real world. They badly need love for motivation. They are often sarcastic and satirical when it comes to humor, they are extrovert soultrapped within an introvert body. Highly dangerous ones.

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