[My verse, My thoughts] – 16

Remember those days, when you were a teen,
when you walked in you turf like a member of MS13.
You had no stack of cabbage to cough up on your dreams,
But you were more than happy to taste the tip of cream.
Then came the horrible days of misery and mist,
Gave you rotten anchovies and painful cyst.
You stood strong and fought, though you were a rookie,
Now it must be nothing more than munching a cookie.
People had laughed it off, cuz for them it was no less than a humor,
Only you know, with what difficulty you dealt with that tumor.
It was hard to see the life falling apart, felt like someone has numbbed you with a flasbang,
But you got things on track like a boomerang.
Made a heroic comeback, fighting all hindrances and failures,
Stepped on the deck like a Captain and led your sailors.

By Hari Iyer.

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