[My verse, My thoughts] – 5

Forbear, Forgive, Forget and that is how you deal with your failure and upgrade your Forte.

Three F’s of life against one bad F will lead you to another good F

Forbear :- Yes Forbearance is one of the most important aspect of life. You are bound to fail in multiple walks of life, professionally, personally, emotionally and egoistically. Forbearance can cool your overclocked processor of thoughts. We have to remain patient and silently continue our efforts. Result should never be our goal. Lack of expectations , will never affect your peace of Mind.

Forgive :- A lot of people come in your life, a lot of incidents happen, a lot of injustice you go through. Keeping vengeance will furthermore, incline your mind to a destructive path. Forgive everyone and everything that happened to you. You had a fate to go through that, now you are done.

Forget :- What follows forgive is forget. Once you have forgiven you should never be in guilt for what you did for yourself or others did to you. Everything happened in the moment of time. Let that fade from your memory so you never be judgemental on that episode in your epilogue.

Forte :- Get rid of these three F’s mentioned above and see yourself transform into a person of class and rationale. Your forte should compete not beyond horizon, but beyond the gravity on earth.

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