Divine necessity in Life

Krishna is one of the most notorious Gods, when it comes to testing the devotee. For me, ever since I was a child, Krishna was a superhero. He fought with so many asuras, never had a peaceful childhood, seperated from biological mother and father, tortured by uncle, safeguard vrindavan. He was burdened with responsibilities right from his birth. Yet He turned out to be a smart, sharp, witty and strong King. When I was a kid, I had different reasons to like Him, now since I am an adult, I have other reasons. Krishna teaches the entire world the way of living life through arjuna and vyasa maharshi. Krishna always stood for truth, but never played it easy on His devotees. He often tests you to misery before blessing you. He makes you do things you never expect to. He tries hard to make you forget Him, so you get involved in this maya world. Everything is perishable, what remains is your karma, dharma and bhakti. One who does the three with Sincerity shall be in His shell of protection always. My relationship with Krishna is slightly different. I talk to Krishna, I get reaponses to my queries in the form of life experiences. During my lowest falls in life, I’ve always cried hard to Krishna. During my best heights of life, I’ve had Him together. With every test and tough times, I learn lessons and my faith strengthens. I may not be a certain someone that people are expecting out of me, but I am definitely someone that many people crave to get or be like. You all must be having a favourite God. Leave it upon Them. They are the creator, maintainor and destroyer. Time is the greatest teacher of all. The magic of these Gods can even change your time.

I can relate one such instance. Back since 2009 I used to make tulsi mala with devotion every Thursday to Krishna out of pure love. For 2 years I meticulously followed my God. In 2011 I stopped due to my craving for a better life. I shifted my focus on hard work and used to throw tantrums when I see failure. Slowly I forgot my Krishna. Then I started getting more dejected, never happy with what I got, I always wanted more. The more more I wished for, the less I got. I struggled alot in my family life and career. My mental health was heavily affected. I used to feel low self esteem all the time until now. Wherever I went, whatever I did was termed as wrong and my character was questioned. Failure to express myself in a right way kissed me so bad that, I finally decided to look back and analyze what am I missing now. Then I realized Krishnas absence from my life. He put me through pains and hardships just to remind me that He is always aside me and I am the one who is not even noticing Him. Now I feel so terrible for myself. My life is now a journey from A brahmin by birth to brahmin by karma. I am learning to be content with whatever God has to offer me. My purpose of life and existence is slowly Shapeshifting from materialistic needs to abstract truth of Life.

Service to humanity is service to God and service to God is soul cleansing. One very important thing you realize from experience is that no matter how much ever you argue the existence of the Almighty, you won’t realize it unless you feel it. God exists. We must neither question the faith nor blindly follow it. Extend your mind to a pinnacle of truthfulness to further rover into the vast space of self-realization. That attempt is what makes Sages, Yogis nd Maharishis.

Material is happiness to body, tranquility is happiness to soul.
Activate your highest chakra and communicate with the universe.
Traverse your mind to farthest and you will seek God

Hare Krishna Hare krishna, Krishna krishna Hare Hare…. Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare

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