[Quote | unQuote] – Day 1

The wound is the place where the light enters you.

Feel glad about the wounds you get in your life.
Every single one of it has a lesson for yourself.
Every person, place, situation and time is a teacher.

A very beautiful quote from Rumi, the great philosopher from Persia during the 13th century. You won’t value the taste of food, until your hunger chips you into desperation. Similarly you won’t understand the depth of this quote until you actually get wounded deep.

Today might be the day, when you have a certain person as your best friend, you are having a great time with, enjoying every single situation life is offering you. Suddenly tomorrow might be the day, when situation changes and your so called friend changes too, leaving you to rot in your own misery. Today might be the day when you conquered your place in someone’s heart, tomorrow as situation changes, the place you had might be vacated. When your time is good, even when you lie you would be termed as honest whereas when your time is not in your favor, even your best efforts to convince would be futile and your character would be questioned for no reason.

The lesson you learn here is, situational temporary troubles cannot lower your self esteem , break your faith or even let you take a decision that harms you. Remember you are your first priority, until you are self balanced. Nothing is permanent. Today they win over you, tomorrow you will. Stay calm, stay at peace until thing start falling in place. Never intimidate or react to intimidation when you are refuelling and rejuvenating. Let the light enter your wound and illuminate you.

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