Carnatic Music – Krishnaa nee Begane

Name Krishnaa nee begane
Ragam Yamuna kalyani
Aarohanam S R2 G3 P M2 P D2 S
Avarohanam S D2 P M2 P G3 R2 S
Taalam chaapu
Composer Vyaasaraaya
Language Kannada


krishna nee bEganE baarO


bEganE baarO mukhavannu tOrO
(krishna nee bEganE baarO)

caraNam 1

kaalaalandhugE gejje nIlada baavuli
nIlavarNane naaTya vaaduta baarO
(krishna nee bEganE baarO)

caraNam 2

Udiyalli udigejje beraLalli ungura
koraLalli haakida vaijayantiya maalE
(krishna nee bEganE baarO)

caraNam 3

kaashi peethambara kaiyalli koLalu
pUsida shreegandha mayyOLagamma!
(krishna nee bEganE baarO)

caraNam 4

taayige baayalli jagavannu torida
jagadhOddhaaraka namma uDupi shree krishna
(krishna nee bEganE baarO)


Pallavi: Krishna! Come Quickly!

Anupallavi: Come quickly and show [Your] face.


1: [With]Anklets on the feet, [and] blue-sapphire bracelets, [O!]Blue-hued One, come to dance. (Krishna! Come Quickly!)

2: On the waist, the waistband; on the finger[s], the ring[s];[and] the neck adorned with the Vaijayanti garland*. (Krishna! Come Quickly!)

3: Dressed in yellow Kashi [Silk], flute in hand, and [with] the anointed sandal scent from the body. (Krishna! Come Quickly!)

4: The One who showed the world in the mouth to the mother, the upholder of the world! our [own] Udupi Shri Krishna! (Krishna! Come Quickly!)

  • Vaijayanti garland is the divine Vaishnava necklace of five gems: pearl, ruby, emerald, sapphire and diamond.

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