Surya Namaskar Mantra (Prayed by Jethalal from TMKOC)

1. Om Mitraya Namaha (Salutation to the friend of everyone)2. Om Ravaye Namaha (Salutation to the lustrous one)3. Om Suryaya Namaha (Salutation to he who sets everything to activity)4. Om Bhanave Namaha (Salutation to he who brightly illumines the earth)5. Om Khagaya Namaha (Salutation to the one who travels swiftly in thesky)6. Om Pushne Namaha … Continue reading Surya Namaskar Mantra (Prayed by Jethalal from TMKOC)

Shri Hari Stotram

जगज्जालपालं चलत्कण्ठमालंशरच्चन्द्रभालं महादैत्यकालंनभोनीलकायं दुरावारमायंसुपद्मासहायम् भजेऽहं भजेऽहं ॥ Lord Vishnu is the world's protector and wears a dazzling garland on his neck. He is considered the death of demons and monsters having the bodies color sky blue. Shri Hari has unstoppable powers of illusion. He is the husband of Goddess Lakshmi. I worship Lord Hari again … Continue reading Shri Hari Stotram

Trying to establish connection ………. !!!!

Human beings are a social animal. Apparently there are many people who cannot live without socializing and keeping up with their status in the society. Many fancy in getting noticed, while many fancy noticing the famous ones and following their footsteps. In this juncture, many stay busy, forget basic values and only focus on money, … Continue reading Trying to establish connection ………. !!!!