Trying to establish connection ………. !!!!

Human beings are a social animal. Apparently there are many people who cannot live without socializing and keeping up with their status in the society. Many fancy in getting noticed, while many fancy noticing the famous ones and following their footsteps. In this juncture, many stay busy, forget basic values and only focus on money, … Continue reading Trying to establish connection ………. !!!!

My soulmate

I was born with your name.Brought up knowing you. When adolescence hit me, I slowly started getting myself involved in Maya. Our relations eventually got distant.You never left me even then,When I totally forgot you. I did things that doesn't definethe "ME" you knew and expected.I became someone I really am not. Then I saw … Continue reading My soulmate

Krishna Stories – Sant Eknath’s 108 bathes in Ganga

Once Eknathji the great saint was sitting near the bank of Ganges and doing bhajans.There was an envious person who wanted to disturb Eknathji.To provoke him to fight, he spit on his face.Eknathji got up, went to the river, took a holy dip and came back to the bank and continued with his bhajans.The man … Continue reading Krishna Stories – Sant Eknath’s 108 bathes in Ganga